Benefits of Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardens are not only beautiful to people but also to the planet.  They are mostly common in urban centres where space is limited. Vertical gardening helps in saving of space and also addition of sustainability to the urban centres. Nowadays cities are very crowded and most people live in apartments thus here vertical gardening is a good solution. Due to the limited space people have in the cities this have become a creative solution whereby they make vertical gardens on rooftops, balconies and walls of the inner city. It is known as vertical because you are always growing many plants in a small piece of land and mostly it means going upward buildings. Here are some benefits of vertical gardening.

This type of hydroponic system help in reduction of carbon footprint of any building because it helps in filtering pollutants and also carbon dioxide out of the air. This is a good and necessary thing to do because it also benefits any living organism which is around the place because the air is well improved to a good quality. If the vertical garden is made on exterior wall it helps reduce the amount of heat absorbed which can result to saving of energy in most areas like offices and homes where people depend on air conditioning during the warm periods of the year.

It is beneficial to set up vertical gardens because they help in maximising a limited space. You can grow many plants in a small space and still get satisfied. In fact, it looks more beautiful than any other type of gardening and many people might fall in love with it and decide to do it your way. Kitchen gardens for example have used the stacking garden beds and also climbing vegetable up very effectively. It helps in maximising space and also increases the productivity of the plants.

You may not think of privacy being an advantage of hydroponic lettuce gardening but yes it is. Most people use the vertical gardening to increase their private space. It helps in keeping a lot of information about your home or office from the nosy passer-by's and also neighbours. For instance, you find some people growing green walls to hide a boxy air conditioner and also make vertical gardens structures that are unattractive like making compost bays or sheds.

Nobody wants to expose all their property or information to the world out there so doing vertical gardening can be a perfect solution to keep your house affairs and property private. Watch this video at for more insights about gardening.

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